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The products on sale on the website La BOUTIQUE BIO are dispatched for legal reasons from Pondicherry - INDIA by the company: ALEX HEALTHY AND NATURAL PRIVATE LIMITED, for the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD - St James Court Suite 308 - St Denis Street - Port Louis - Republic of Mauritius, the only one responsible for its commercial activity, .

Any order supposes the consultation and total acceptance without reserves of the general conditions stipulated hereafter.
The customer recognizes perfectly informed being owing to the fact that its agreement concerning the contents of these general conditions does not require the handwritten signature of this document. The customer has faculty to safeguard and publish the present general conditions, under his responsibility.

The present general conditions have the aim of defining the rights and obligations of the parts within the framework of the sale on line of goods and services suggested by the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD.


All the contents of this website are limited to information and the general use. We will not be held responsible for the damage resulting from the use of information of this site. Consequently, you accept that the use of information and the products of this site is under your whole responsibility.

Electronic signature
The “click” of the customer under the purchase order constitutes an electronic signature which has, between the parties, the same value as a handwritten signature.

Proof of transaction
The computerized registers, preserved in the information processing systems of the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD will be regarded as the evidence of the communications, the orders and the payments occurred between the parts. The filing of the purchase orders and the invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable support being able to be produced as proof.

The goal of the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD is to enable you to be able to buy products of quality at less expensive possible prices.
Consequently we store only the minimum of products necessary with an aim first of proposing the best prices to you but also in order to guarantee the best freshness of the products.
The ayurvedic products have deadlines of use sometimes very short and are increasingly more effective when they are more recent.
Certain products can be unavailable, in out-of-stock condition or even their marketing stopped . We will immediately warn you in the event of unavailability of a product and we will decide together the action to be taken.

It is the customer's responsability to check if the products he is ordering are conformed to the legislation in force in his country.
The company
BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD cannot be considered as responsible for the refusal of importation by the customs in case of a possible, but unlikely, control.

The customer is expressly informed that the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD is not the producer of the products presented on this website, within the meaning of the law n°98-389 of May 19, 1998 and relating to responsibility of defective products. Consequently, in the event of any damage caused to a person or a good by a defect of a product, only the responsibility for the producer of this product could be sought by the customer, on the basis of information being reproduced on the product's packing. The conditions of use and the warranty period of the producer are indicated on the products.

The photographs are proposed only as illustration and are not contractual. The packing of a product presented can have changed or that one being unavailable from a supplier we can also dispatch you its equivalent available from another supplier.

The products are delivered to the address indicated by the customer on the purchase order.
The customer is held to check the state of the packing of the goods to the delivery and to announce the damage, if any, to the conveyor on the delivery order, and also to the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD, within one week. The customer can, with his request, obtain the sending by email of an invoice established at the billing-address.
With regard to forwarding, we work with INDIA POST (the Indian post office). As soon as we proceed to a sending, you will receive an email immediately informing you as well as the photograph of the receipt of sending provided by INDIA POST.
We currently propose to you 3 formulas of mode of delivery at the maximum, according to countries.
Each formula makes it possible to you to recover the products ordered from your post office close to the address of delivery in the event of absence of the place of initial delivery at the time of the initial presentation.
All our sendings are carried out in Registered (Letter, Parcel and Speedpost).
However, it may be, as in any forwarding, a delay in delivery or the product can be mislaid. In the event of delay of delivery compared to the time indicated, we ask you to warn us so that we can start research.
We will contact INDIA POST to start an investigation. An investigation can last up to 90 days as from the date of beginning of investigation. If during this time, the product is found, it will be rebooked immediately in your residence (majority of the cases). If the product is not found at the end of the investigation, INDIA POST will consider the parcel as lost.
It is only at this time that we will be able:
1 - to return you the same order, the products and the costs carriage being to our load, if you had subscribed the insurance.
2 - to return you nothing if you did not subscribe the insurance.
The mode of sending in Registered is extremely reliable and thus does not include insurance.

If the ordered products are not available any more at this time, we will offer you identical products for an equivalent amount or a refunding of your order.
We decline any responsibility as for lengthening for the delivery periods because of the conveyor, in particular in the event of loss of the products or strike or other incidents independent of our will.

BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD company reserves the right to suspend any management of order and any delivery in the event of refusal of authorization of payment per bank card on behalf of the officially accredited organizations or in the event of non payment. The company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD reserves in particular the right to refuse to carry out a delivery or to deliver an order emanating with a customer who would not have regulated completely or partially a preceding order or with which a litigation of payment would be in the course of administration.

Problems with delivery
In the event of problems of delivery because of the conveyor, any anomaly concerning the delivery (damages, produced missing compared to the delivery order, damaged parcel, broken products…) will have to be imperatively indicated on the delivery order in the form of “handwritten reserves”, accompanied by the signature of the customer. The customer will have in parallel to confirm this anomaly by addressing to the conveyor in the two (2) following working days the delivery date a registered mail with acknowledgement of delivery exposing the mentioned complaints. The customer will have to transmit a copy of this mail by email to :, or by simple mail to :  Alex Healthy and Natural Pvt Ltd - # 5, Fourth Cross Second Street - First floor - Rainbow Nagar - Pondicherry 605011 - INDIA.

In the event of error in the preparation of the order, the customer will have to formulate near the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD the very same day of the delivery or at the latest the first working day following the delivery, any complaint of nonconformity of the products in quality or in quantity compared to the indications being reproduced on the purchase order. Any complaint formulated beyond this time will be rejected.
The formulation of this complaint near the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD could be made by connecting you on our site in the heading “Contact Us” where you will be able to write your complaint or by directly sending an email to:
With reception of your complaint, the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD will allot a number of exchange product and will communicate it to you by e-mail. The exchange of a product can take place only after the attribution of a number of exchange according to the step indicated above.

Every product to exchange or refund will have to be sent in Registered parcel to the following address: Alex Healthy and Natural Pvt Ltd - # 5, Fourth Cross Second Street - First floor - Rainbow Nagar - Pondicherry 605011 - INDIA.

The expenses of sending will be the responsibility of the company Alex Healthy and Natural Pvt Ltd, except if the taken again product does not correspond to the declaration of origin made by the customer in the good of return.
Rétractation of order
The customer has a 7 working days deadline to send back, with his expenses, the products not agreeing him.
This time court as from the day of the delivery of the order to the customer. If this deadline expires one Saturday, one Sunday or a public holiday, it is extended until the first next working day.
Any return will have to be announced as a preliminary to the Customer service by connecting you on our site in the heading “Contact Us” or by sending an email to : The product will have to be sent back in Registered parcel to : Alex Healthy and Natural Pvt Ltd - # 5, Fourth Cross Second Street - First floor - Rainbow Nagar - Pondicherry 605011 - INDIA.

Only will be taken back the products returned as a whole, in their packing of origin complete and intact, and in a perfect state of resale. Every product which have been damaged, or whose packing of origin would have been deteriorated, will not be refunded nor exchanged. This right of retractation is exerted without penalty, except for the expenses of return. On the assumption of the exercise of the right of retractation, the customer has the choice to ask either for the refunding of the paid sums, or the exchange of the product. In the case of an exchange, the reforwarding will be done at the expenses of the customer. In the event of excercice of the right of retractation, the  customer will be refunded within 15 days maximum, by recrédit of its bank account.

In the event of litigation or of complaint, the customer will apply in priority to the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD to obtain a friendly solution. In the event of litigations unsolved by amicable agreement (what appears not very probable) responsibility is allocate to the courts of Port St Louis - Mauritius exclusively.

The material contained on this Web site is the exclusive property of the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD which reserves the right to make changes constantly and this without notice. The customer cannot in no case use, print or reformate the contents of the website at ends other than private or family.
He commits himself not to download, reproduce, transmit, sell or distribute the contents of the website without the authorization express of the company BIOVEDIK INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD.

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Printable Catalog with images | Full printable catalog without images
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Contact us | Site map | Ayurvedic Consultation | Links

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