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When you create an account or when you log in your account to see or modify your personal informations or to confirm your order, your browser shift automatically into "SECURISED MODE ".
Then the address of the shop start with "https" instead of "http"  and a small padlock in closed position appears to show that you are in security.

This enables the total confidentiality to all your informations !

Your order will be proceeded in 24H maximum (1 working day) from the time of reception.
You will receive automatically an acknowledgement receipt for your order and we will keep you informed at every step of the preparation.
From 1st September 2007 we will prepare orders 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday included.

We are before all a not-for-profit organization and this is why we don't stock every product which you can find on the web site and this is also what allow us to make UNBEATABLE PRICES.

In case of  non availability of one product you will be immediately informed and we will decide together what to do !

We have made the choice not to include any shipping cost in our price, unlike some web shops because we don't want you to pay many time the shipping cost in case of multiple item's order.

La BOUTIQUE BIO, whatever the amount of your order will ask you to pay the shipping cost its true value, the amount that our service provider (INDIA POST) will ask us to pay, no more no less.

We have decided to offer you a discount of 20% from a purchase of 75 euros.
We will give you a Discount Coupon that you will be able to use at the time of your next order.

But the best way to BUY CHEAPER is to  bring this website address to the attention around you because MORE PEOPLE WILL ORDER and CHEAPER WILL BE THE PRICES as our frist aim is not to make profit but ABOVE ALL to PROVIDE THE BEST PRODUCTS AT THE BEST PRICES.

Because of our geographic location (INDIA) the shipping cost is relatively important and there is nothing we can do !
Therefoe we invite you to place order together with friends and/or family members.

For example, the first Kilo cost at present to Europe in SPEEDPOST 18.70 € for the shipping but the following kilos cost only 6.20 € per Kg. Inspite of that the total amount (products + shipping) is reasonable and very competitive !

You can also select the shipping by REGISTERED LETTER (for less than 2 Kg
parcel) which is almost as fast as SPEEDPOST but much cheaper (1 Kg = 8.70 €). The shipping costs are more economical for parcels of less than 1 Kg.


We accept only payment by credit card and/or through a Paypal account.

In order to offer a TOTAL SAFETY for your payment we have selected Paypal which is used by dozens of millions net surfers since many years already !

When you will finalize your order you will be automatically coonected to Paypal through a SECURISED CONNEXION.
You will be offered the choice to identify with your Paypa account name and password or to make the payment directly with your credit card.

All the informations going to travel then on Internet will be ENCRYPTED and NOBODY will be able to catch and decode them.

If you like to create a Paypal account (then no need to enter your personal informations and credit card number each time you buy) you can go directly to this address : " ".
If you need some help to create an account, please have a look at the link available at the bottom of the page and entitled : " Do your shopping ".
If you have a Paypal account, the next time you will have to pay you will be asked only you e-amil  address and password.

In case of any difficulty please feel free to ask us at :


Deliveries are made from Pondicherry, situated in the South-Eastern part of India..

Speedpost, is at present the best compromise between quality of service, time of delivery and cost.
Moreover you will be able to follow the movements of your parcel (for some countries only) through internet if you go to the following address :

You will be delivered directly at your doorstep by your national post service between 4 and 6 days.

In order to offer you a more economical way of shipping, we have selected the service " REGISTERED BY AIR " from India Post.
But you won't have the opportunity to follow your parcel on internet.

The time of delivery given for REGISTERED BY AIR is :

- 1 to 2 weeks for parcels whose weight is below 2 KG (sent as REGISTERED LETTER)
- 3 to 4 weeks for parcels whose weight is between 0 and 10 kg (sent as REGISTERED PARCEL)

We might send your order in several parcels if necessary and we will inform you if the need arises.


Consignments in REGISTERED and SPEEDPOST do not include insurance in case of loss or damage.
The goods are always travelling under the consignee responsibility.
We act only on behalf of the buyer to give his goods to the shipping agent he has selected.

If you wish to subscribe an insurance (declared value) in order to cover the value of the goods purchased and the shipping cost, it is possible but at present this option is available only for delivery to EUROPE.

To do so, just click on the corresponding box when completing the check out process on the page " Payment Information ".

We would like to bring to your notice that all our consignments are travelling in REGISTERED, which is already a SERIOUS WARRANTY.

If any problem occurs we will obviously do our maximum to help you clarifying the situation, whatever the formula you had choosen !

PS :
Times for delivery are those given by our service provider : INDIA POST.
We cannot be considered as responsible in case of non respect of the announced times.

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Order, Payment,Delivery & Insurance | Terms of use | Do your shopping
Contact us | Site map | Ayurvedic Consultation | Links

Printable Catalog with images | Full printable catalog without images
Order, Payment,Delivery & Insurance | Terms of use | Do your shopping
Contact us | Site map | Ayurvedic Consultation | Links

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